EXTRAD - experience the authentic Japanese traditional arts and culture in Niseko


EXTRAD is a project to spread Japanese traditional Shojin, Arts, Culture and Crafts and connecting them with the next generation. We invite leading traditional professionals as a curator in order to provide programs and workshops to experience the authentic Japanese tradition.

We are happy to present the first EXTRAD to connect the authentic Japanese tradition with the world and to the next generation in a sustainable and international city, NISEKO.

Each workshops will be a participatory program to watch demonstrations by professionals and experience the Noh, Kyogen, Tea ceremony and bonsai.

* One child under the junior high school student is free for each ticket (Please don’t participate with children under junior high school students only, please join with parents without fail.)

Please feel at times the powerful and sometimes delicate performance by masters of Noh&Kyogen arts, a master of Tea ceremony and Bonsai artist who are active in the front lines of domestic and overseas, in front of you. Moreover, you talk, listen and have experiences! You will be able to deepen real relationship with Japanese traditional.

* We are planning to shoot photos and images. If you do not wish to publish, please contact the information center located on the day of the event.


棚橋 俊夫 - Toshio Tanahashi  Mater of SHOJIN

Appeared TALK SESSION &「Premium SHOJIN Dinner

Toshio Tanahashi is a Shojin, Buddhist Cuisine, Chef and Evangelist. In February, 2008, he established Zecoow Culinary Institute. He believes 21st century is the era of vegetables. He has been active worldwide advocating abundant life through Shojin while spreading the wonder of vegetables.
He appeared on TEDx in 2014. He also made a keynote speech at World Economic Forum, Davos Conference Tokyo for young leaders, in 2016.

武田 宗典 - Munenori Takeda  Master of NOH

Munenori Takeda is Noh-Gakushi, a master of Noh actor Kanze-ryu shite-kata, a protagonist Kanze Style of Noh-gaku (Noh & Kyogen). He was born as an eldest son of Munekazu Takeda, Kanze-ryu Shite-kata. He studied under his father and Kiyokazu Kanze, 26th Head of the Kanze Style of Noh. He passionately holds educational activities of Noh and in January, 2008, he started supervising Utai salon, an introductory course of Noh for commoners. He performs worldwide and succeeded a joint performance with Opera, TOMOE + YOSHINAKA, in Seattle in September, 2014. He had a self-produced recital at Kanze Noh Theatre in GINZA SIX in June, 2017.

大藏 基誠 - Motonari Ohkura  Master of KYOGEN

Motonari Ohkura is a kyogen performer of Okura-ryu, Okura Style of Noh-gaku. He was born as the second eldest son of 25th Yataro Ohkura. He studied under his father and 24th Yaemon of Ohkura-ryu. He performs educational kyogen for elementary school students as well as junior and high schools students to share the excitement of Japanese traditional arts. He performs many times worldwide in Europe and Asia such as Swiss, Singapore and China. Since 2011, he has been coordinating “kyogen lounge” where he tries the fusion of kyogen and party. He tries to make kyogen familiar to commoners without changing its authenticity.

泉水 宗祐 - Soyu Sensui  Master of Tea Ceremony

Soyu Sensui is a master of tea ceremony and is also a full professor of Urasenke, a type of tea ceremony. She encountered with her wonderful mentor at zen temple and learned not only tea ceremony but also many other precious things. She finished the professional course of Urasenke and entered Kon-nichian. She served for 15th and 16th iemoto, top master, founded by the late Senno-rikyu in the 16th century. After leaving there, she has been teaching the wonder of tea ceremony as well as the essence of “Shitsurae” and “Mitate" etc. which is a Japanese spirituality worldwide in Ichigo-Ichie, treasuring each encounter. She is a lecturer at Kokushikan University 21 century Asian study department. She supervises culture schools regularly as well as tea ceremony classes.

真柄 弥沙 - Misa Magara  Bonsai Artist

Misa Magara is a Bonsai artist. She studied under Mr. Tatsuo Urabe who is an executive board member of small bonsai association. She established “BONSAI盆凡。” trying to reach out to familiarize Bonsai with people because Bonsai’s image is too difficult or too time-consuming. Her activities range from sales to experience course workshops and space design producing. She joins in many collaboration events with Japanese cultures such as kyogen, kimono and tea ceremony.

Message from the organizer

There are many wonderful traditions that we proud of in Japan. Tradition and culture that have been handed down in various places, including those that are almost unknown to almost everyone, reflect the wisdom of the regional history, cultural climate, and life. I feel the Japanese spirit and mind is inhabited in tradition. On the other hand, you may feel that "there are few opportunities to touch" or "the psychological hurdle to step into traditional field is high, especially for Japanese people".

Today, the traditional foods remaining in various places in Japan are about to be forgotten as urbanization and lifestyle changes.

Traditional performing arts, except for some old players, are weakening with the diversification of entertainment and the declining population.

Many traditional industries are suffering from a serious successor shortage, becoming an industry that they can’t even keep their own life.

In order to inherit this property of Japan to the next generation, we would like not only domestic people but also people in foreign countries to know the value of Japanese tradition. And then we aim to make traditional food, arts, culture and industry sustainable.

The first step is to take a step from Niseko in Hokkaido which is a sustainable and international city.

Executive producer

COO of KVART Inc. Takanori Tayama

Sun Aug 13, 2017
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM JST
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NISEKO Chuo.Souko
NOH-GAKU Workshop 10:30-12:00 SOLD OUT ¥5,000
NOH-GAKU Workshop 14:30-16:00 SOLD OUT ¥5,000
NOH-GAKU Workshop 16:30-18:00 SOLD OUT ¥5,000
TEA CEREMONY Experience 10:30-12:00 SOLD OUT ¥4,000
TEA CEREMONY Experience 14:30-16:00 SOLD OUT ¥4,000
TEA CEREMONY Experience 16:30-18:00 SOLD OUT ¥4,000
BONSAI Experience 10:30-12:00 SOLD OUT ¥4,000
BONSAI Experience 14:30-16:00 SOLD OUT ¥4,000
BONSAI Experience 16:30-18:00 SOLD OUT ¥4,000
TALK SESSION of Curators 12:30-13:30 FULL
Venue Address
60-2, Chuodori, Niseko-cho, Hokkaido Japan
EXTRAD - 日本の本物の伝統を世界に。そして次世代に繋ぐプロジェクト